Project TWO: @SearchingBigData

Workflow - this independent science research project required a design, or diagram, and I couldn’t resist. Check out our site here, I created the entire thing with Weebly, calling the design shots. I also wrote some of the boring stuff as well. 

Psst. You. Yeah, you. If you go to our site’s profile screen, and try clicking a few things, something cool might happen. Hint: Mr. Reader


Project ONE: Robotics

imageGear - based on one of my earliest creations, this classy logo will grace a particular Robotics Team in their endeavors

imageGear-MouseOver - a little iOS 7 shoutout if the mouse happens to hover over the logo in the site (being finalized)

Do I know how to be quiet. Life is way too messy, but I haven’t been idle. I worked on two fairly major projects, one being designing the logo and graphical UI of a high school’s robotics site. I’ll share the fruits of the other sometime this week.

If I had things my way, I’d be on this site way more, but alas, things are how they are. I’m going to try some more literature, don’t know if you guys like mine, but I have some material ready to go. 

Lastly, feel free to hit me up on my site’s email. Comments, questions, requests, whatever. Stay classy.


"Purple Dreams" - still couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the glorious sunset out my door. I saw, I snapped, I savored (and still savor).

iPhone 5, stock camera

"Glowing Hill" - simple, a cool gradient, and just a touch of something extra…kinda similar to my icons, maybe? the comet makes things interesting, but if your prefer it plain, I retouched the area a bit

iPhone 5, stock camera

"Colors" - sweet detail of this awesome leaf, with a lovely green blur
iPhone 5, stock camera

"Colors" - sweet detail of this awesome leaf, with a lovely green blur

iPhone 5, stock camera

My Scapes

hello hello! i’m sorry i’m so sporadic as of late, but life is life. 

i like photography, but not in a very conventional way. i see something cool, snap with my iPhone, and move on. well, recently, i was scrolling through my photos and some of them came out pretty good. 

i’ve queued up a few for this weekend, and hopefully you guys will like how they turned out! feel free to send feedback about anything with the blog or whatever. peace


Weavers - pt. 1

He looked so familiar, she stopped right there on the sidewalk, lost to anything else. The girl was walking purposefully, close to the city plaza, when the sight of him made her catch her breath. He was rather ordinary: somewhat tall, with unruly dark hair and a black leather jacket. He had a deep sadness that radiated to the girl across the square. 

As if sensing her gaze, the boy turned in her direction and saw her. Their eyes met. In the brief second, she saw recognition, perhaps even astonishment. The girl quickly averted her eyes out of embarrassment, but couldn’t help but steal another glance. He had gotten up and was quickly moving. Towards her. Alarmed, she began to quickly walk away from the park, hoping to blend back into the crowd. She was good at that. 

After putting as many blocks between her and the plaza, the girl caught her breath in a cafe on the corner. She settled into her spot, frost on the window, heater rattling softly, cold drink in hand. There was a seat for another, but no one ever joined her. She could do that too.

Three pages in, a shape caught the edge of her vision. Over the edge of her dog eared book, she saw him, the boy, looking right at her. Unable to move, she watched him walk towards her, and sit down opposite her. He edged the chair towards her, looks once around him, and said, “Do you know me?”

The quickness and absurdity of the entire occurrence floored the girl. She took him in up close. He had small freckles on his face, a strong jaw but soft eyes. He was thin, but he carried himself like he was a soldier. His clothing was old and beat. His left foot never stopped moving. The familiarity returned yet again, washing over her. What did they call this…déjà vu. She had to have seen him once before, or was it to be? Her hesitation in answering the boy made his foot tap more quickly, agitated. 

“No, no, no no no”, his voice rising with each word. He seemed on edge, anticipating trouble, furtively glancing around the room. “What did I do when I saw her?,” he muttered, eyes checking every item on the table in front of them. He grabbed a old magazine laying nearby, and put it under the table. Then, he turned a coaster upside down and unplugged the lamp nearby. 

The girl, still lost in finding at his familiar face, was torn out of her daze by the strange actions. “Who the hell are you supposed to be?” she spat with mustered conviction. The boy, observant as he was sad, noticed the change in tone and actually sighed in relief. He leaned back in his chair and told her, “Well that depends on who you think you are, sunshine.”

something a little different. this is part of a short story I’m writing.

please please please give me feedback. whether pointers on my writing chops, if want more writing on the site, etc. it would be much appreciated, and will result in making the blog better


Google Drive


"TriForce Dark" - i know it doesn’t look like it, but I always think of it that way when I see it. anyways, props to google logos that look fine on their own!


"AllOut" - looks like I zoomed in on the other one. similar to another google design of mine…continuity or coincidence???


"TriForce Light" - slick indeed. a more accurate rendition of the current state of icon, sans dorky 3D effect on the bottom


"DonutHole" - mmm geometric donuts

I make stuff. I post it here. Enjoy.






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